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Iodosorb: Effective Treatment for Wet Ulcers and Wounds

 solution for treating wet ulcers and wounds

Always seek advice from your healthcare provider before starting any new medication regimen. 

Introduction to Iodosorb for Effective Wound Care

Welcome to CareCard's essential guide on Iodosorb (cadexomer iodine), an over-the-counter solution for treating wet ulcers and wounds. This guide will cover everything you need to know about this antimicrobial gel, from its application to its benefits and safety advice.

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What is Iodosorb (Cadexomer Iodine)?

Iodosorb is an over-the-counter antimicrobial gel used to treat wet wounds and ulcers. Its unique formula enables it to absorb exudate (fluid that leaks out of blood vessels into nearby tissue), reduce bacteria, and promote faster healing of skin wounds.

Key Points:

  • Drug Class: Topical anti-infectives

  • Availability: Over-the-counter

  • No generic versions are available

How Iodosorb Enhances Wound Healing

Iodosorb contains cadexomer iodine, which absorbs fluids and debris from the wound and releases iodine to kill bacteria and clean the wound. Its efficiency in managing wound exudates makes it an ideal choice for promoting healing.

Proper Application and Dosage of Iodosorb

Apply Iodosorb directly to the wound, covering it with a sterile gauze. The gel changes color from brown to white to indicate when a dressing change is needed, typically requiring application up to a maximum of 50g per treatment and 150g per week.

Pharmacist Tips:

  • Consult your healthcare provider if you have thyroid or kidney issues.

  • Do not worry if small pieces of Iodosorb remain in the wound; they will break down naturally.

Understanding the Side Effects of Iodosorb

While Iodosorb benefits wound healing, awareness of potential side effects like a warm, tingling sensation, itchiness, or rash is essential. Contact your healthcare provider if these symptoms persist or worsen.

Saving on Iodosorb with CareCard

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Risks and Warnings for Iodosorb Users

Before using Iodosorb, be aware of contraindications such as iodine sensitivity, thyroid issues, and pregnancy. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new treatment.


Lodosorb is a highly effective treatment option for wet ulcers and wounds, offering a powerful combination of antimicrobial properties and moisture management capabilities. Its ability to promote a conducive environment for wound healing while effectively combating infection makes it a valuable asset in wound care management.

By following this guide, users can effectively manage their wound care routine while being mindful of the product's proper application and potential side effects. Remember to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and treatment plans.

FAQs about Iodosorb (Cadexomer Iodine) with Carecard

Can Iodosorb be used on all types of wounds?

Iodosorb is specifically designed for wet wounds and ulcers, such as venous stasis ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. It is not suitable for dry wounds.

Will Iodosorb stick to my wound or dressing?

Iodosorb is designed not to stick to wounds; however, if your dressing sticks, moisten it with water before gently removing it.

How long does it take for a wound to heal with Iodosorb?

Healing times vary based on the wound's size and condition. Consistent treatment with Iodosorb can accelerate healing, but consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Is Iodosorb painful to apply?

Upon application, you may experience a warm, tingling sensation that is generally mild and temporary.

Can I use Iodosorb with other medications?

While Iodosorb has minimal interactions with other medications, consult your healthcare provider if you use other topical or systemic treatments.

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