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Meet Dr. Bob

Dr. Robert Arnot, MD

CareCard’s Chief Medical Officer

Former Chief Medical Correspondent for CBS & NBC

NY Times bestselling author of over 15 health and wellness publications

Board Director at “Health Tech Without Borders” and “Save the Children” foundations

World class stand up surfer, ski racer, and classical music composer

After 46 years in medicine, my mission is to make healthcare more accessible for you and your family.

Dr. Robert Arnot, MD

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Dr. Bob’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Physical Training

Physical Training

My Coach John Spinney gives me a daily workout I do of 90 minutes of intense cardio plus 30 minutes of weights, twice a week.

Sleep Hygiene

I have a meticulous protocol at night for calming myself down for bed. This includes yoga followed by a hot shower. I make sure my room is pitch dark and cold!

Exceptional Nutrition

I wake up to several cups of a high altitude East African coffee loaded with polyphenols. Then I enjoy a smoothie with kale, collard greens, spinach, cantaloupe, blueberries, blackberries, chia, greek yogurt, and honey. I have a light lunch and dinner followed by an early bedtime.

Medication Adherence

I always take the medications prescribed to me by my own physicians. Medications can only work if you actually take them as directed by your doctor.