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What You Need to Know About Anxiety Medications For Dogs

Anxiety Medications For Dogs

Like humans, our dogs can also experience anxiety. In fact, several recent studies have shown a drastic increase in anxiety in pets over the last few years. 

Anxiety in dogs can affect any breed and when not managed effectively, can lead to severe behavioral and health issues. 

As a pet owner, you might be wondering how to tell if your dog is suffering from anxiety, what types of anxiety they can have, and what treatment options are available for your pup. We put together this guide to help answer these questions about this potentially debilitating disorder.  

Types of anxiety in dogs

Numerous factors can cause anxiety in dogs. However, there are three types of anxiety typical in canines. 

Fear-related anxiety 

From loud noises, car rides, and new environments to other animals and walking on certain surfaces, fear-related anxiety can be caused by just about anything. 

Separation anxiety

With separation anxiety, a dog can't find comfort when left alone or separated from its family. Research has shown separation anxiety has increased by 700% in the last two years.

Age-related anxiety 

As our dogs age, they can suffer from cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), which can cause similar declines in memory, awareness, and perception to that of Alzheimer's disease in humans. Unfortunately, CDS can lead to confusion and anxiety in older dogs.

Symptoms of anxiety in dogs

Depending on the cause of anxiety, other health conditions, and age, a dog may show different signs of suffering from extreme stress. 

Common symptoms of anxiety in dogs include:

  • Excessive barking and howling

  • Excessive whining

  • Aggression

  • Panting and/or drooling excessively

  • Digging or scratching repetitively

  • Excessive Licking

  • Restlessness/Pacing

  • Compulsive or destructive behaviors (i.e., unusual chewing, using the bathroom in the house)

  • Trembling/shaking

Medications to help a dog's anxiety

If your fur baby is showing signs of anxiety, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to perform a comprehensive exam to rule out any underlying health conditions that might be causing your dog's nervous behaviors. 

Based on the findings of the exam and discussion of what symptoms your pup is experiencing, your vet may prescribe a medication to help treat their anxiety. These medicines include:

Your vet may also recommend Benadryl, an over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamine. Be sure to confirm with your vet in regards to the correct dosage for your dog before giving them the medication. 

Other treatment options for anxiety in dogs

In addition to medications, there are other ways to help manage your dog's anxiety, including CBD products, exercise, music therapy, downtime, and massage. 

Consult your veterinarian to see if your dog would benefit from trying these treatment options before starting or in addition to medications. 

No matter what, your 4-legged family member doesn't have to struggle with anxiety and the unhealthy, stressful symptoms it can bring. 

Here at CareCard, we can help you save money on your medications as well as some medicines for your dog!

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